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Photographer Tom McConnell - St Augustine Portraits

There are many different types of portrait pictures. In fact, it’s surprising just how many there are, from traditional and lifestyle to groups and glamor. These are some of the styles of photography that I specialize in.

Portraits Photography Portfolio

Portraits that reveal your inner and outer beauty. You’ll be guided throughout the session and offered tips for natural and effective female poses. Whether you want to reveal a sense of confidence, vulnerability, edginess, or fun, the choice is yours.

Maternity Photography Portfolio

Maternity photos are usually best taken from the 28th to the 36th week since the belly has a nice round shape then. During the session you’re encouraged to touch the bump to draw attention to your growing baby. Feel free to bring props.

Dance Photography Portfolio

The perfect combination of nature and dance. Expert low key dance photography on location. Ballet portraits, hip hop portraits, jazz portraits, ballroom dancing and contemporary portraits.

Swimsuit Photography Portfolio

Visiting St Augustine and its beautiful beaches? Schedule a sunrise beach bikini photo session at the River to Sea Preserve, just south of Marineland. It’s a great way to make your vacation last forever. You don’t have to be a Swimsuit Model.

Fitness Photography Portfolio

Memorialize your dedication with full-body and closeup portraits. My low-key photography sessions for female fitness, female bodybuilding, and female muscle will show off your hard body with soft shadows and light.

Fashion Photography Portfolio

Fashion photos provide great website and social media content for local businesses. If you run a fashion boutique, restaurant, or tourist attraction in or near St Augustine, show off your brand or products using either your own models or ones that I provide.

Friends Photography Portfolio

What better tribute to your friendship than a portrait? BFF photo sessions can take place in your home or on location. Dress in similar or contrasting styles. You may also bring props that relate to your relationship or simply make you smile.

Couples Photography Portfolio

Capture the love that you have for each other with a portrait. During the session, you’ll be offered plenty of inspiration for poses that will make you feel confident, look relaxed, and display the special bond that the two of you have.

Family Photography Portfolio

Your home, farm or favorite place can make a beautiful backdrop for your family portrait. Or how about one of Florida’s state parks? They now allow professional photography as long as it does not impede others from enjoying the park.

Mother and Child Photography Portfolio

Let me capture the affectionate bond between Mother and Child in photos. There is a special relationship that other Mothers and Children will recognize because… they know.

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