St Augustine Portraits Booking

  • Choose a session on this page by clicking on the image or button
  • Schedule session by clicking the button “Book Photo Session”
  • Choose a date and time from schedule, fill out booking form and click “Book”
  • Pay Retainer
  • Fill out model release
  • Read Photo Session Checklist
  • I will contact you about a week before the session to verify you have read the check list, you are ready and answer any questions you may have
  • Feel free to ask questions at anytime

All Photo Sessions

  • Retainer Required
  • Retainer is 25% of session estimate
  • Model Release Required For Everyone In Session

Sunrise Beach

Book Sunrise Beach Photo Session

Sundown Park

Book Sundown Park Photo Session

Hourly Sessions

  • Time Varies
  • Sessions are Billed by the Hour
  • Billable Hours Example: click "Book Hourly Session"
  • Pose Examples and Guidance
  • Location Must Be Approved

Book An Hourly Photo Sessions

Mini Photo Sessions On Location

  • 30 Minute Session
  • Bring Your Own Poses
  • Be ready (practice before you show up)

Sundown Park

Book A Mini Photo Session

Photography Lessons

  • 3 Hour Minimum Paid Upfront
  • One On One Lessons
  • Manual Mode, Lighting Techniques
  • Lightroom Editing
  • Your Equipment Or Mine
  • Locations Must Be Approved

Book A Photography Lesson

After The Photo Session:

  • I send a link for client to pick out bad photos (normally by the next day)
  • I reload gallery
  • Next client picks out their favorite pictures
  • At this point you would pay for the session and pictures
  • Guarantee ends
  • Next I edit pictures (takes time)
  • I upload pictures to your finished gallery
  • Clients in session may use the pictures on social media to promote only themselves or their business
  • My watermark must stays intact at all times unless you pay extra for non watermarked photos
  • Please see Watermarks and Ownership of Photos


  • If after reviewing your online picture gallery, and you do not want any pictures, you may forfeit the retainer and pay no more
  • You get no pictures
  • I may use pictures
  • Offer only valid with Model Release
  • Only valid to payer
Please see After The Photo Session

More Information

Location Options

Please see this page for Location Options

My Photography Style

  • Please see portfolio for my style of photography
  • I only do portraits with large lights
  • No large events such as weddings (they are not possible with my light setup)

To achieve a truly unaffected portrait, there’s nothing better than a natural stage. And here in northeast Florida, we’re blessed with some stunning scenery.

There are two beauty spots in St Augustine that I like to use for my portraits: Marineland Beach and Lewis Point Park.

Each of these locations offer a wonderful backdrop and fantastic light. Read more to learn more about these sites and the best time of day for a photo shoot.

However, if you’d rather that I come to your home, that’s not a problem.

You may also use another place, although you may need permits or property release from the owner.

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